Nike Superbad 3.0 Glove Review

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Nike Superbad 3.0 Receiver Glove Review

Nike Adult Superbad 3.0 Football Receiver Gloves (XL, Blue/White)

Football Gloves are essential to keep your hands protected from high impact and to maintain grip on the pigskin. The Nike 3.0 Superbad Gloves are made to suck away moisture ensuring that your hand stays dry and warm even during heavy downpour. They have straps that comfortably secure your wrist so that you don’t have to worry about the gloves falling off during play.

When you want to improve your on field performance, you need to get a pair of Nike Superbad 3.0 padded receiver gloves. No matter if you’re a skill player or lineman in the trenches, football gloves helps players gain an edge in the field. No matter the position… receivers, running backs and defensive backs depend on the football gloves to grip the ball and the linemen benefit from the added warmth and protection that is provided by gloves.

The Nike Superbad 3.0 Football Gloves are one of the most popular gloves on the market. These gloves are made with highly strong Magnigrip palms, including adjustable padding for the total skills of a player. These adaptable gloves feature Magnigrip, which is a highly advanced clasp that can remain sticky within the whole season. The protective padding extends all the way to the important zones, towards the knuckles in order to offer protection to your hands from opponents oncoming. This padding is capable of absorbing less moisture so that it can remain fast and light in all conditions.

Nike has kept crash pads on the side from version 2.0 on the outer part of the palms. It is outlined in order to reach the stiff-arming or fumbles. These extra pads cannot hinder your motion, though there is free flexing gussets made of fabric to maintain your hand fully opening without constraint at all, offering a wider area of catching. The fingers are built in such a way to provide for maximum fit by taking any kind of bunching within the knuckles.

The Features of the Superbad 3.0

  • They are made of 12% silicone, 8% neoprene, 18% nylon, 12% silicon, 62% polyester.
  • Free Flex gussets create natural feel
  • Offer strategic padding in critical zones
  • Magnigrip palm is super sticky
  • Pre-curved fingers fit and move easily
  • Nike swoosh on hand back
  • Crash pad protects outside of palms
  • Meets NOCSAE Standard for NFHS and NCAA
  • Nike skull and helmet palm graphic

Advantages of Nike Adult Superbad 3.0

  • High-speed padding are felt to the most important zones to provide aggressive protection
  • Padding absorbs minimal moisture to help maintain the gloves’ light weight
  • Crash pads on the outside palm areas for chopping and stiff- arm maneuvers
  • Key zone gussets provide flexibility
  • The Flex Gussets enhances your hand to fully open increase the surface area of the catching
  • Swoosh design trademarks are included into the padding and construction
  • Pre-curved fingers provide comfort
  • High tack- magnigrip provides good grip
  • Meets NOCSAE standards for NFHS and NCAA

The Nike 3.0 Superbad Receiver Football Gloves will set you back about $55, but they are worth the investment.  Check them out today!

Purchase this awesome glove today!

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